Diwali 2023: Celebrating the Festival ofLights and Joy


Diwali is one of the world’s liveliest holidays, as the sage instructor explains, and it illuminates the holiday’s spiritual meaning. You’ll have a fresh perspective on everything over the holidays.

What is Diwali, and why is it known as the Festival of Lights?

Light is so essential to human existence because it is seen by the visual system. To other living things, light simply means that they exist. But light means much more to us than just being able to see or not. The dawning of light in our life portends a fresh start and, above all, clarity. Most animals don’t ever struggle with the dilemma of what to do or not do since they are instinctive”Will I mature into a fierce tiger, or will I transform into a tame housecat?” is not a thought that every tiger cub considers. All it takes to grow into a good tiger is healthy food.

Even if you are a human being by birth, there are various requirements to becoming a good person. You may not even know where you stand by then. Even though you think you’re superior than other people, you’re still not sure where you stand. It is a true statement that human intelligence is so tremendous that poorly organized information causes more confusion and misery than the ten billion components of your brain could ever handle. An ant or similar bug knows what to do or not do; humans do not. It takes a specific kind of intelligence to be bewildered. Human conflict results from the limitations of our minds. “Deepavali is the festival of light,” or Deepavali, as the Sadguru puts it. The essence of our

Why is Diwali celebrated?


The mind is no longer an amazing possibility but rather a barrier for many. Instead of calling their suffering sorrow, they can call it stress, anxiety, depression, insanity, or agony. To put it succinctly, it suggests that their thoughts have become hostile. Your mind is not on your side if you’re going through a difficult time on your own without assistance. Clarity is crucial since it is the essence of human existence. This is why light is significant. Light denotes consciousness. Deepavali holds special meaning as a celebration dedicated to eradicating inner darkness and achieving clarity.

This custom serves as a reminder of the historical day that legend has it that Lord Krishna vanquished the monster Narakasura. His first name was not Narakasura, but people called him such because he was a great troublemaker for everyone. Narakasura is the one who brings hell to everyone, and the word nazrak implies hell. Once Krishna ended this “cause of hell,” everyone lit candles in their homes in celebration. The act of lighting lamps has been a part of culture and tradition for around twelve to fifteen thousand years, even if it is thought that Narakasura’s occurrence happened much later. People discovered that life is at its most inactive during this time of year. The idea is that you could be shocked by the crackers around you if you’re not living life to the fullest. As a result, during Narak Chaturdashi, people all around the nation set off firecrackers, igniting everyone’s resuscitation and awakening.

The character is connected to this festival, but mastering inertia is crucial. In life, time and energy are essential.Your time and vitality are dwindling rapidly. Time goes whether you are well or ill, active or not. Time passes at the same rate for everyone. Your perception of time changes depending on your emotional state. Twenty-four hours can seem insufficient while you’re feeling blissful. A miserable person perceives twenty-four hours as if an eternity has passed.

This life is too short if it brings you happiness. Even if you live to be 100 years old, your potential as a person will run out pretty rapidly. On the other hand, time appears to stand still when you are dissatisfied and inertia has taken control of you. People’s desire for entertainment rises sharply when they are dissatisfied. People don’t have time for amusement when they’re pleased. You’ll sense your blessing. When you wake up in the morning, it’s already night before you know it. You will work tirelessly when you are content. When you’re dissatisfied and you’ve been taken over by inertia, time seems to stand still. People’s desire for entertainment rises sharply when they are dissatisfied. People don’t have time for amusement when they’re pleased.

The phrase “Thank God it’s Friday” is becoming popular. It is equivalent to five days of agony, two of which are usually spent in drunkenness as opposed to happiness. You can’t make them laugh, sing, dance, or do anything enjoyable until you give them drugs or booze, at the very least. There are many different ways that people might generate inertia, which is why it has occurred. Life will feel overly long when inertia sets in. Diwali is a celebration of conquering lethargy, since hell or Narka’s genesis lies in it. You will not go to hell once inertia takes hold; rather, you will become hell. With your rage, fear, hatred, and jealousy, you transform into Narakasura and unleash hell. There’s a fresh light when these are gone.

The Importance of Diwali

Diwali teaches us that life is far too short to be unhappy. Even if you live for a hundred years, the potential within a human is quickly depleted. If you are dissatisfied and inertia has taken possession of you, time will appear to drag on indefinitely. People seek pleasure in numerous forms when they are dissatisfied and have allowed inertia to take hold, which is why it has occurred. Once in place, inertia will make life feel exceedingly long. Diwali is a celebration of triumph over adversity. Life will feel abnormally long once inertia sets in. If you are happy, this life is too short. Even if you live for a hundred years, your potential will expire very rapidly. If you are dissatisfied and inertia has taken hold, time will appear to stand still. People’s desire for amusement grows considerably when they are dissatisfied. People who are happy have no time for entertainment.

Finally, Diwali is a holiday that represents the exterior and internal triumph of light over darkness. It is a time for introspection, inner clarity, and the release of inertia, allowing us to embrace life to the fullest.


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