Ahoi Ashtami 2023: Unveiling the Story of Ahoi Mata and the Exclusive Fast for Sons.

  • Mothers fast on Ashtami and pray for their children’s well-being and prosperity on this day, which falls in the month of Kartik and is particularly auspicious for the success of progeny.
  • Certain holidays and fasts have special meaning in Hinduism, and they are observed with customs and rituals meant to make the home happy. The fast of “Ahoi Ashtami,” which is celebrated on the eighth day of the dark fortnight of the Kartik month, is one such occasion.
  • On this day, mothers pray for blessings for their children’s achievement and follow a Nirjala (waterless) fast for their health. The main reason people worship Ahoi Mata on this day is to wish for their children’s prosperity.

Who is Ahoi Mata

  • On this day, a unique rosary known as “Siyaahu Mala” is fashioned in honor of Ahoi Mata. Ahoi Ashtami, which falls on November 5th this year, is seen as lucky for boys. Let’s find out more about Ahoi Mata and the purpose of this puja for sons from astrologer Dr. Aarti Dahiya.

  • On Ahoi Ashtami, cow excrement is used to decorate the courtyard floor and a silver vessel known as Ahoi is mainly produced. Ahoi Mata’s image is frequently hung on walls using geru, or red ochre.
  • An idol made of clay depicting Ahoi Mata is made, and pictures of her eight sons are placed around it. This celebration takes place four days subsequent to Karwa Chauth. Sons are prayed for to live long lives.

Why is the son worshipped on Ahoi Ashtami day

  • It is traditional to fast on Ahoi Ashtami until you can see the stars in the evening sky, after which you should do a puja and break your fast.

Can Ahoi quickly sip water in Ashtami

  • Although it’s not required, it’s thought that the fast is the best way to ensure the happiness of one’s children. You can also opt to observe a fruit- or grain-based fast if you are unable to keep to the strict fast

Food options at Ahoi Ashtami

  • A range of meals are cooked and served as prasad following the evening puja, after which they are devoured.
  • Ahoi Ashtami is said to bring good fortune and wealth to your home if you observe it with devotion and according to these customs.

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