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Football is a sport in which 2 teams of 11 players play a match on a big field. One such team consists of 1 goalkeeper and 10 field players. The goal is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. You can touch the ball with your foot and your head or other body part, but not with your hands and arms. The management is in the hands of a referee who impartially supervises whether everyone complies with the rules. He gets assistance from two linesmen, because he cannot see everything that happens on the field.


Football is an old sport that was played more than 2000 years ago. Then they had to shoot or throw the ball into the goal. For example, the Greeks and Romans did. At the Premier League News you will be getting all these information.

In England there was football in the Middle Ages (500-1500). Sometimes a team consisted of more than 100 people. The ball was a cow’s bladder filled with air. The ball was not round, but oval. Like a rugby ball. Then there were no goals yet. It was a game between 2 villages. The intention was to get the ball in your own village. There were no rules yet. The game was more like rugby than football. Many people thought football was “the game of the devil”.

The field

A competition field has a sideline of 120 meters long and a back line of 90 meters. That is a field for adults. On the picture is goal line at the location of the back line. That is not entirely good because the goal line is only the piece between the two goal posts. The field is divided into two halves by the middle line. At half the center line is the center spot.

  • Around it is a circle. There must be 2 players who kick the ball at the center spot. The diameter is 18.20 meters.
  • There is a goal in the middle of the rear lines. It is 7.32 meters wide and 2.44 meters high. There are 2 rectangular lines around the target.
  • The inner rectangular line is 5½ meters deep and 11 meters wide. These lines are the boundary of the target area. Target stairs are taken in a corner of the target area.

The outer rectangular line is 16½ meters deep and 33 meters wide. These lines are the boundary of the penalty area. 11 meters from the center of the goal is a dot. It is called the penalty spot and is therefore in the penalty area. See chapter 6: “rules of the game”.

In all corners of the field there is a flag with a quarter circle around it. The ball must lie there when a corner is taken. See chapter 6: “game rules”.

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