Play Arrival alien slot

It seems that the games about aliens will never lose popularity. There are many games on this topic. They are made by developers worldwide, both the small companies and large developers. All represent aliens differently and do releases according to the representations and imagination. So Arrival – Alien slot is one more fascinating game in aline as here we see quite an aggressive alien with the hypertrophied skull trying to find a way home. If you look for gaming machines, the casino offers you the excellent slot of Arrival.

General description


The slot Arrival is a magnificent game developed by the Betsoft company. It introduces some innovative characteristics which promise us a good game! Everything in this slot reminds of literature that we read on this subject. Fantastic aliens are by all means clever, and our main character here is not an exception. He operates reels as steers of the spaceship, giving orders. Among symbols of soldiers, there is a marine, the girl scientist, alien pets, beam weapon, and others. But it is not everything that can offer this slot. There are whole three scattered symbols which start different bonus games some of which include free backs, monetary payments, and other surprises.


Besides, your chances of success become much higher if you take into account all variety of the rates available in this game. And though here you won’t find wide spacing between the face value of coins (it is possible to choose face value in range from $0:02 to $0:50), you can increase the size of the general rate at the expense of the fact that you will put more coins on each line. In this game it is possible to choose up to five coins to the line of payments and if to consider that all of such lines in a game make 30, count how many it is possible to spend for the general rate. So, it gives more opportunities for a good prize, so if you prefer hazardous gaming machines you shouldn’t worry because of the small face value of a coin. Prizes can be just magnificent.


The only lack of this excellent game is a lack of a standard wild symbol and also lack of coefficient of increase in a prize. This shortage is very notable in the course of the game.

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